How Industry Spin Harms Your Health

Doubt Is Their Product – By David Michaels

This is a must read book for those that are confused in who to believe –   Industry Canada? Health Canada? The industry funded scientists?

We believe in the hundreds of scientists that realize saying “there is no health effect from cell antenna” is like the Pope telling the astronomers that “the world is flat.”

“Doubt is our product,” is pushed by cigarette executives, “since it is the best means of competing with the ‘body of fact’ that exists in the minds of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy.”  We are now seeing a repeat of the tobacco industry.

Does Health Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society recognize research from spin “doctors” that are not even doctors? 

The IARC/WHO recently declared cell antenna to be a possible cause for cancer. This was based on the IARC Interphone study that showed that heavy use of cell phones could “possibly” contribute to brain cancer. But there is great controversy between independent and industry funded scientists within the various countries that participated. They dispute the findings. They say the studies are watered down, tainted by the cell phone industry that supplied the funding. Instead of a Class 1 designation as a probable cause for cancer – cell phones are listed as a 2B carcinogen – a possible cause of cancer.

One major example of industry influence is felt here in Canada. The Canadian portion of the Interphone study was in part financed by the cell phone industry and our leading researcher was Dr. Mary McBride.  But……Mary McBride is not a doctor. The link below is a list of the participating doctors involved with the Interphone study. Look at who is listed in the Canadian portion. Dr. Mary McBride.

Now view this video below in which Mary McBride admits to a reporter that she is not a doctor,  but allows her name to be listed as a doctor when it suits her needs –  Such as getting research grants from industry for official IARC Interphone studies. This is a common example of industry funding scientists that are so dishonest that they are not even real doctors.

Site Acquisition Specialists – Using the spin from the Doctors…

Cell antenna spin doctors hired by the cell phone industry are now attempting to influence our Oakville town councillors and mayor. “Site Acquisition Specialists” are persons hired by the cell industry to venture into residential communities and find places to install antenna. Religious organizations, educational institutions and condominium management companies are their prime targets.  They must convince the landowner or the local government that there are no health issues. They use documents from “Industry Spin Doctors” to accomplish this task.

One local example of industry influence we would like to draw your attention to is from Tom Whitney. He is listed as a Burlington Site Acquisition and Municipal Consultant on Linkedin.

In the past, Tom Whitney has attempted to post messages on our site saying that the antenna pose no harm to the firefighters, the preschool or the general public. We have refused to allow his voice to be heard as we realize that he has a vested interest in not only seeing the antenna remain but wants additional antenna to be added all over Oakville. His tactic is to provide studies developed by “industry” scientists that have been financed by the cell phone industry.

He is now attempting to influence Oakville town council by discrediting the IARC/WHO classification in that a possible cause of cancer has no value and there is nothing to worry about. Likewise he states that the Brazil Belo Horizonte Cell Antenna Study that shows 500 meters to be a safe setback for cell antenna to be of no value.

When the wireless industry is in the hot seat – Blame the government. 

The cell phone industry has no insurance. With the release of the IARC cancer warning the cell phone industry is preparing for lawsuits.  For a look at what the President of the Wireless Industry says about the health effects of cell phones.