Canada Postal Code Map

The Canada postal code map has undergone some minor changes over the years, however it would appear that it has mainly remained the same, reaching a form that would suit any mailing or postal needs. Mailing is probably one of the most profitable industries ever to be created, however the process of mailing and delivering letters and packages to their rightful destination is actually a long and difficult one, requiring precise coordinates and, most importantly, time management.

Before 1925, the concept of a Canada postal code map was non existent, as postal codes where not invented. That year, a postal clerk thought to come up with a Canada postal code map, trying out this new concept on the city of Toronto. The map’s inception starts with the city’s separation into 15 separate mailing districts, designed to increase the overall accuracy and efficiency of the package delivery system. It worked better than expected and, from that moment onwards, the Canada postal code map became official.



Over the years it has undergone several minor changes, however the final one was in the 1970’s, when the general postal code became 6 digits long instead of 5. In this manner, the Canada postal code map covered greater grounds and the efficiency and accuracy of the mailing system was yet again increased. The alphanumeric nature of the six digit postal code permitted it to deliver the packages right on the doorstep of the addressee and, this way, the necessity to walk to the postal office and pick up the package personally was eliminated.

When in doubt about the postal code for a certain Canadian region, the best course of action is to consult the Canada postal code map, which can be found available online, or can be directly accessed by a simple Google search. However, the nature of the postal code is very important, as the structure will affect the direct destination. From the six digits that can be found on the Canada postal code map that correspond with a certain area, the first three will represent the sorting area – where the mail will be separated, and the last three digits correspond with the local delivery unit. If only one digit found on the Canada postal code map is misplaced or incorrect, the package will either be returned to sender or reach an undesired destination.

There are also several websites linked to the Canada postal code map that will assist you in finding the exact postal code you are looking for. It has several fields that require completing and you will be asked to fill out certain domains such as the street, the area of the city, a street number if you know it so that the right code will be pointed out to you from the Canada postal code map.

If you are already finding yourself in a small dilemma regarding the services that the Canada postal code map has to offer, then I recommend the following website:, which can help you find the correct code, after you have filled out the required details.

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